Sunday, 26 April 2015

Summer Days Are Forever

This will be the last mix for a while. Six months of summer is upon us here, and sorry I have better things to do than blogging! Yet I almost feel guilty for leaving you dear friends. This is not a summer mix per se, it is just a mix of perfect pop songs like most of my mixes are! In case anyone misses me I can be found at some beach or maybe in some other place (see right hand side bar for that).

You see this pic? The sun rises on the left, behind the church. When I come back probably in late August it will be rising over Mykonos, on the right.

Summer Days Are Forever Tracklist

Crazy - The Icicles
The first day of summer - The French Pop Dream
You'll Never See That Summertime Again - Friends
Space Doubt - The Orielles
Marching Out Of Time - The Killjoys
Hurdles and Rewards - Franklin's Kite
Love in the Dark - Santa Fe
La Fille Du Soleil - Christine Delaroche
Within You - Inner Dialogue
Sweet Fantasy (feat. Hula Hope) - t:dy t:wns
Cold Summers - Crepes
Maura & Dana - Big Quiet
YFF! - Mango Slice Low Sugar
Summer Crashes In - Fake Flowers
Young and Dumb - The Soft City
Summer Will Be Really Nice! - The Tidy Ups
Countryside - Skypark
Beach Bummer - No Vacation
New Fiction - City Steps
How Do You Know? - Holiday
Oi Tu Voz - Pic-Nic
Laughing and Crying - Postal Blue
Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy - The Gentle Touch
Hidden perfect pop song [bonus]

Monday, 13 April 2015

The French Pop Dream and my French studies

Now would be a good time to write in French, since this post is about a French singer, Anne Brugière, who’s also the songwriter behind The French Pop Dream, based in London and Paris.

But after my poor (and laughable according to some people) attempt at it, I won’t subject myself to any further embarrassment. Well, I may have acquired my DELF degree 20 years ago but since then I majored at the university of indiepop if you please!! I haven’t applied for a doctorate. Yet.

In the previous mix I included this song, and was happy to see it causing quite a stir.

I thought it was their debut at this point and was about to liken it to The School’s debut single 7 years ago, in terms of the brilliance of songwriting, orchestration and vocals, but also in terms of importance: it was just a matter of time before they are rocketed into indiepop stardom, I thought...

Little did I know Anne Brugière was/is an already accomplished songwriter; she writes film scores and has an album up her sleeve already, which I still have to listen to. Ah, it all makes sense now.

Actually, i maybe not be so far off, since both The School and The French Pop Dream share the same influences, such as French chanson most obviously and 60s girl groups, with slight touches of Scottish melancholy in the latter too (most notably Belle & Sebastian and Camera Obscura)

Now Would Be A Good Time was an unexpected gem alright, thank you my life, you are so wonderful but omg you have to listen to this:

You can buy all their songs here, but you’d get a better deal for the ep on itunes. Now I have a mega 5 song playlist, woo hoo! Although, I still have to count the days before their album is released in June :(

Sunday, 29 March 2015

I Know Where Julian Henry Lives

I’m so happy to bring this mix to you, I think it’s smashing. It’s got the perfect opener in I Feel Again, from Nic Hessler’s debut album which USPS tell me it’s winging its way over the Atlantic right now.

After that, I couldn’t decide on the order of the songs. They’re all belters! It was not possible to divide it in segments either, so I just pressed the shuffle button and it turned out as it is: A mash-up of sounds from all over the world, old, new and not so new, genres overlapping, scenes and eras back and forth and so on.

So, we have fresh hot stuff (The French Pop Dream, Reina Republicana, Trambeat) newish ones (my light shines for you, Los Waldners), girl super groups (Bel Étage, featuring Pamela Berry and Lupe Nunez-fernandez) soul (The Elgins, Yvonne Carroll, Chanters but also Trambeat fit here), tracks from Australia and New Zealand (Bev Harrell, yes!, 1/2 of The Kensingtons, Day Ravies, also file under hot new stuff, this one, T:dy T:wns, I only heard this the other day via Bruce’s podcast!, Carb On Carb, Astro Children which is Millie from Trick Mammoth, I love her voice, French pop moderne and French filles (The French Pop Dream, Alice Dona, Laure Briard), sunshine pop (Roger Nichols, Harpers Bizarre, Cocoanut Groove, Onward Chariots, Spanish pop (Abrildel76, which I absolutely adore, Nubes En Mi Casa, Reina Republicana but see also under newish stuff) and some of my all time favourite male vocalists (Julian Henry aka The Hit Parade, Lane Steinberg aka Wall Of Orchids and Bluboy’s Keith Girdler) it’s not all female artists this time.

If you like what you hear, consider sharing it. Not because I want to get credit for it (I wouldn’t mind a nice word though) but because the bands need to be heard and ideally, give them some dough, don’t be a jerk!. Let’s prove that PR is useless!


I Feel Again-Nic Hessler
Life Must Go On-Wall Of Orchids
Lonesome Heartache Constellation-Bel Étage
The Queen Of Mousehole-The Hit Parade
In love again-The Kensingtons
Prior Hour-Day Ravies
Love So Fine-Roger Nichols
Now Would Be a Good Time-The French Pop Dream
little little-my light shines for you
Funny How Love Can Be-Harpers Bizarre
What Am I Doing Here with You?-Bev Harrell
Afternoon-Cocoanut Groove
Dear Joseph (feat. Evelyn Ida Morris)-T:dy T:wns
Every night I sit and cry-Chanters
I Just Met a Girl-Onward Chariots
No Soy Valiente-Los Waldners
Talk Is Cheap-Shepherd Sisters
Phenomenal Ladies-Carb On Carb
Heaven Must Have Sent You-The Elgins
Answer Prayer-Feverfew
Entre Los Silencios-Nubes En Mi Casa
Il suffit d'un rien pour être heureux-Alice Dona
C'est la vie-Laure Briard
Jamie Knows-Astro Children
Sin Mirar Atrás-Reina Republicana
If Loving You is a Sin-Trambeat
A Little Bit Of Soap-Yvonne Carroll

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Heavenly Pop Hits on Repeat #2

A band named Males with an album subtitled Males/Males/Males was greeted by a turning up of my nose of course. Why did I stick this on repeat today then huh? No, I’m actually asking you.

True, I don’t know these guys; for all I know they are being ironic, like. I recommended this track to someone today to help them wash out an earworm with another one (So High). Not sure it was appreciated.

Check out some classy ooh-ooh-ing right there…er…not classy, it sounds like some sort of a skunky, filthy choir singing, if you pardon the paradox.

The moral to this story is one shouldn’t reject anything out of aversion for dubious names and other such signifiers (yeah, I do that a lot) cos these dudes lead me to discovering Carb on Carb via Male's Facebook page. Phenomenal Ladies will be the tip of the cake on the aussie/kiwi portion on the next mix scheduled to appear this coming Sunday. Yay.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

when all's well (my life is like cathedral bells)

Okay, who gets up at 7am on a Sunday to make a mix? Well, me. My life is sad and pathetic; or full of delightful music. Two sides to the same coin, really. This mix is the usual SFGTS staple, i.e. indiepop, 60s girl groups, soul, new stuff and all time faves, all female, as always. I’m most eager to bring you Tufthunter, which is the project of Peter Momtchiloff (Heavenly, Would-be-Goods, Scarlet’s Well) featuring many of my favourite female vocalists. With such great new music around I almost wish for the summer to come a little later this year (like every year, we’ll be at the beach rather than here, writing blogs). I hope you like the mix.

Tufthunter (feat. Amelia & Lupe) – My Future Band
Franny & Zooey – Literary Love
The Tuts – Do I Have to Look for Love?
Heavy Heart – Daisy Chain
The Hermit Crabs – Stop This Now
Charlie Belle – Metaphorically Speaking
Star Tropics – Swept Away
Everything But The Girl – When All’s Well
Starry Eyed Cadet – Sugar
Red Sleeping Beauty – Don't Say You Love Me
The Happy Balloon – Among The First To Know
Gigi (w. Rose Melberg) – Alone at the Pier
Elia Y Elizabeth – Cae la lluvia
Violettas – What Have I Done
DIET CIG – Cardboard
The Lewis Sisters – By Some Chance
Spencer McGillicutty – Hide and Seek
Connie Francis – Don’t Ever Leave Me
The Luv'D Ones – Stand Tall
Santa Fe – Daydream
Ria Bartok – See If I Care
The Aquadolls – Mine
Wild Balbina – Looking Through You
Major Leagues – Endless Drain

Monday, 23 February 2015

Despite my fear it helps to…

You’d think because I enjoy the greek climate and daylight, and live in one of the most beautiful islands in the world, that I love Greeks too. I fucking hate ‘em. They’re, ahem, mouthy, loud and impulsive and …BIG; as in they take up too much space somehow, and have no respect for other people’s privacy.

They might tell you about the richness of the Greek language and that many scientific terms are of Greek origin. Yeah well try to look up the greek translation for the words introspection* and moodiness. There are at least 10 synonyms for each word in English. That says a lot about a nation who should say less and think more. If only we could be grimmer and less happy…

I for one find it depressing that… I get nostalgic (damn, nostalgia, another greek word) about things gone or things I lost before getting a chance to get bored of them. There’s music I can no longer enjoy as much as I used to because I listen to too much music these days. Technology and the interwebs make things obsolete before they even get a chance to get old.

It must have been at least 10 years ago when my sister foresaw that not only cds/vinyl etc but the mp3 too as musical formats would become extinct. I didn’t give it much thought then but every time I hear news that a label closes down her words come to mind. Cos that’s what the world’s coming to, whether we like it or not. There’ll be only streams and pay per view and stuff. Seriously, how many years would you give vinyl?

In recent weeks I heard of WeePop! Records and Fraction Discs closing down shop. True, I haven’t been supportive enough with either in recent years. I can’t for the life of me remember what my first purchase from Fraction was (it’s probably somewhere here on the blog but I can’t be bothered right now) but I do remember getting the signed Liechtenstein cd. I got loads of records thereafter, conveniently combining orders to save on postage, which included releases from artists I had a strong or mild interest about. I can’t do that anymore as postage rates went higher and higher. What I’ll miss the most is Renée’s emails in which she would kindly scribble greetings and an update on my order.

These are all 5 WeePop! releases I got, one of them was a present by a friend, all of them came meticulously and lovingly packaged by Camila and with the best candies ever! This remains my favourite song, another one I don’t hear enough these days.

Then I got homesick and nostalgic about my early days in this indiepop adventure I got into. Even if you open the indiepop encyclopaedia Aberdeen would be first alphabetically too. I know people are going crazy right now about Bobby Wratten’s new project. I’ve yet to hear it. Aberdeen was one of my first fave bands and just couldn’t get enough of Beth Arzy’s voice, I was mesmerised. I will admit here that I always loved Aberdeen more than, say, Trembling Blue Stars (except the songs she sung on) or The Field Mice. So inspiring for me in those first days of indiepop discoveries, they had some 300 plays on last fm and 200 of them were mine. Now, if anyone had told me in 2005 that I could “interact” somehow with Beth Arzy I’d say “you’re crazy”! That’s exactly what I find most cool about Beth Arzy, how approachable she is. **

The I got nostalgic, wait, no that was the best thing I heard all week. An incredibly enjoyable one, with so many girl groups I hadn’t heard (of) before. It make sense though as Sheila is an expert on girl groups.

*the greek word for introspection sounds something like colonoscopy
**Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go play this on repeat

Monday, 16 February 2015

The Evening Visits...

I started up another blog, there are a few postings there already, go and see if you like. The idea was to use trumpets and tambourines as some kind of a scrapbook/daybook where I would post more frequently. There is so much great music around lately and I need to share it to unburden somehow, otherwise it keeps me awake at night. I thought I’d keep this, SFGTS as my “fancy” blog where I’d post more elaborate stories (i.e. have long discussions with….myself).

I don’t know why I have this urge to talk, not only here but, lately, a lot through social media. That doesn’t always work in my favour, I think. Most of the time I’ prefer to have kept my mouth shut. Say, facebook. Apart from being an indispensable tool for being in touch with current music, facebook for me is a way to look cooler than I actually am. I have a cool friend list which includes some of my favourite artists, those who were kind enough to add me, but not yet those I’m too shy to send a friend request to.

Do you recognize the violinist?

Although in general I try not to be annoying, yesterday, I was silly enough to engage in a conversation with Peter Milton Walsh. In 2011, in response to a comment I made about Mr. Somewhere, he said: “as the first message of the new year, this can only be a sign: more songs, more tears”. Yet Facebook should have a tool to prevent dumb enough people like me from such acts of utter stupidity. You don’t say “I see your point” to an intellectual like Peter Milton Walsh. Gosh, what a dunce!

Anyway…I just wanted to say I just bought The Apartments first record in 15 years (if you don’t count this single), which sounds like this:

I also pre-ordered The Evening Visits reissue. See next post.

And Stays for Years

As I was saying, this will be the page where I go on and on about the same things I’ve been talking about all these years. Say, Australia. I’m happy to report that my “Australia, baby!” bank account is seeing new heights. How have I achieved this? I simply quit buying cosmetics and clothes, thus allowing considerably more money to go towards records, which are way cheaper, even when you take postage into account. This, conveniently, shatters hastily conceived rules like “no more physical releases” and “no vinyl from the US”.

First, I realised it was cheaper to buy vinyl LPs directly from Australia so I pre-ordered the Twerps and Dick Diver records from Chapter Music in…mid December. These two records + postage cost me less than if I ordered them separately even from Europe or the UK, as, luckily, there’ coming out at roughly the same time (Dick Diver comes out March 15). You think March seems far away... Don’t’ you know how fast time passes?

Next rule to be shattered was no vinyl from the US. Along with The Apartments reissue snatching this, in Limited Opaque Teal Vinyl was a no-brainer since it comes from an artist I’ve been following since 2007.

One day I might convince you why Nic Hessler is, with a slight dose of hyperbole, one of the greatest songwriters ever. I was shocked to hear just the other day, shame on me, that he’s been through a condition. The mere thought of him suffering makes me ache. I don’t know what to say except that I’m a very stupid person who egoistically waited for new music from him while he was fighting to win his life, as a musician too, back. Thank heavens he did and here he’s coming up with a record I’ve been waiting for 8 years. It doesn’t really matter because Nic is so young and has a bright future ahead of him. This, along with The Apartments reissue was my first ever Captured Tracks purchase so fingers crossed. I suppose they’re decent dudes though, since they’ve taken Nic under their wing, I will never badmouth them again.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Four-leaf clovers (a mix)

Four-leaf Clovers from songsforgirlsBlog on 8tracks Radio.

It’s like the world turned upside down while I was asleep. New releases, new to me music shared by people I follow, inbox spilling over with stuff I need to check out. Can’t one go to sleep for 15 hours straight anymore?!

Anyway, here’s a the playlist I had in mind for this new mix until yesterday. It includes new-ish music, all time faves and classics, recent purchases etc. A super festive 23 track one solely with female vocals that features the greatest Pop from all around the world.
This mix goes well with:
-My new bangs and the Zooey look I’m trying to get
-The 20 degree weather we’ve been having since the start of the year
-My consistently good moods because of that
-A little bit of soul

She & Him – I could Have Been Your Girl
Faith Healer – Again
BMX Bandits – I Wanna Fall In Love
The Little Secrets – All I Need
Camera Shy – Spin Me
Camera Obscura – I Love My Jean
The Fascinations – Girls Are Out To Get You
Spencer McGillicutty – You Haunt Me
Kicker – Since You Left
DIET CIG – Harvard
Diane Renay – Dynamite
La Position du Tireur Couché – ça Me Travaille
Double Françoise – La Bête
Las Annettes – El Verano Del Amor
Squilll – Wild Is
Tempura Nights – Child Model
The Prophet Hens – All Over the World
The Shapiros – Hundred Times
Soy un Caballo – Les Vacances
Las Desnortadas – Másters y Postgrados
Dream Carousel – No Matter What
Brilliant at Breakfast – Gundala Putra Petir
Rebel Kind – Best Friend

Sunday, 1 February 2015


I have to buy this record above, from Siesta. I have to say this too or I’ll explode. You can style yourselves as "official" anything all you like, @officialblueboy. Thing is, you’re the exact opposite of official, since you won’t even dignify the world an introduction by stating your real name. The least I’d expect even from a fan account would be some meaningful posts, some respect, and not just unimaginative, shallow tweets and smileys and hashtags ("it's like we never went away" :-) #indielove // “it’s us”). What’s worse, no one seems to know or care. With lots of people so keen to interact with them (whoever they are), I tend to believe they’re unaware that Keith has passed away, thus Blueboy “official” is by nature impossible. Am I alone in this? Am I a bitch? Is nothing sacred anymore?

Following in the week, I was very glad to see my Scottish improving since I started lessons with Alad Godsell, via his mixloud podcasts. I am now considering moving there, trying out mixcloud for my own mixes and the next one is going to be uploaded there. Don’t panic! I will give you the link!

Then later on in the week it was all about our new PM. You know I never talk politics but the image of a new leftist government with almost all its members fourty somethings, tie-less and in jeans like everyday people was, if anything, a pleasant surprise and suggests the upcoming flogging to death of the old corrupted regime.

If you noticed, I added a "follow me here" tab/widget/thingy, so you can now easily follow me on social media and the like, most interestingly I’ve made a new souldcloud playlist which also plays on the top right hand sidebar. But only if you let it!