Saturday, 22 December 2012

Secretly Minnesotan

You can imagine what drew my attention to this ad for this new-fangled label on the recent chickfactor issue, can’t you? Looking them up, I was happy to read that they just released a 7” by one of the best new bands I’ve heard this year, Mini Dresses. I snatched it up of course, along with the Candy Strypers record which comes in glossy artwork by Krister Bladh. And you get instant download with your purchase!

Nosy as we are, we asked Michael, the man behind manic pop records!, if he could answer a few questions for us and he said yes! I was a bit embarrassed when he mentioned his release schedule included a couple Greek bands I had never heard before…

SFGTS: you are a mystery to us, what is your day job?
Michael: currently, i stay at home with my two young sons. sometimes i do all the computery stuff for libraries.

SFGTS: where are your offices?
Michael: i reside in Rochester, Minnesota. it's somewhere between Minneapolis and Iowa City. 100 miles away from the nearest record store or gig.

SFGTS: is it true that you're doing a Smiths boxset?
Michael: i couldn't even afford to buy the last one. i would be happy to release a new Biff Bang Pow! single. Alan hasn't gotten back to me yet.

SFGTS: what is your fave instrument in Pop?
Michael: all of Johnny Marrs guitars.

SFGTS: we highly appreciate the use of tambourines in Pop, where do you stand on this?
Michael: as long as they are wooden.

SFGTS: when do you plan sending my order?!?!
Michael: i'd like it to be the first package you receive next year!

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