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Do it like Taylor Dayne: Prove Your Love

This is a poorly written summing up of the music I enjoyed most in “in pictures” form (that’s at least nice to look at) along with a silly blurb in some cases. Please excuse the clichés.

A few things: These are all records that speak to me about my life, and really, really don’t know what I’d do without. They’re all purchased. Labels love me. To those who sent me messages and hand-written thank you notes, you made my life!

So what if this comes too late? What if no one cares, these records will play for keeps.


Sweater Girls – Sweater Girls Where, Here Happy Happy Birthday To Me

If it’s any indication of how much I love this record, it is one that I bought twice. In case it comes out in more formats, I’ll buy it on a couple more but that’s it!! Nothing, nothing prepared me for what was to come after the first couple of singles. This album has everything I want in a Pop record. Its dancy and feisty, the sha-la-las are sublime and atop of it all it is truly elevated by a strong rhythm section. For someone like me, who has a drum machine phobia (kind of like the broguesterianfear of blokey guitar solos) this was liberating in every way.

Liechtenstein – Fast Forward, Fraction

Overlooked in most year end lists, even ignored by me at first as it came out early in the year, this is their second album and it is as good as the first. What can I say, I adore Liechtenstein, I love Renee’s voice and wish I’d look as good in a dress.

The Garlands – The Garlands, Shelflife

Anticipated, and then loved by so many among you, I know, this is like (isn’t it?) the Swedish pop tradition as heard in the bands that Gunnarsson has been in, mixed with c-86 guitar pop, utterly dreamy and uplifting melodies and airy, lucid vocals from Chrstin Wolderth. Now look what just happened…I put on Open Arms and started the twist and turn and hop around the house! Works every time and yes the whole album is like this!

Sugar Stems – Sugar Stems Screaming Apple

I loved getting each and every one of these records in the mail but this one was extra special. I hugged it and placed it on my desk to look at it every once in a while. The band was kind enough to send me a download cos it doesn’t come with the album. You rule! To be honest, I didn’t expect it to be this good, their first album didn’t do it for me. But his one is jangly, upbeat, college rock, (okay who says college rock these days?) with a kind of nerdy immediacy. Warning: it will make you do crazy dance moves!

Strawberry Whiplash – Hits In The Car, Matinee

A record that drips with guitar melodies and honeyed vocals, one that, for me, conjures blurring images of Jim & William nodding approvingly. Just Like Honey.

Evans The Death – Evans The Death, Slumberland

So catchy and so powerful, again with a solid rhythm section, thank you. And a singer whose voice veers from melodramatic to playful, a voice so compelling that classic singers would be jealous of, Katherine Whitaker makes me wanting to scream proudly, in your face [insert mediocre male singing here].

Grass Widow – Internal Logic, HLR

I once said they sucked. Well they don’t suck anymore. They’re more Pop and melodic than ever and chant in sublime otherwordly fashion.

Sourpatch – Stagger & Fade, Happy Happy Birthday To Me

If you don’t know already, there are some of the most haunting pop melodies packed in here and best among them is Cynthia Ann.

The Icicles – Renegade Parade, Microindie

My beloved Icicles seem to have outgrown their carefree, la-ti-da days, 5 years since their Arrivals & Departures set and some melancholy has crept in. Would still buy anything they put out, and like it a priori.

Kim Baxter –The Tale of Me and You, self-released

I miss All Girl Summer Fun Band like crazy! But with Kim going on her own in this record, not so much. This is sweet and uplifting and every time I look or hear Kim singing I just know that everything is going to be alright.

Hollows – Vulture, Trouble In Mind

To all male practitioners of this garage-y pop thing, you have to face this, Hollows do it so much better! You’re hardly as pretty, neither do you sound as sunny and breezy. And your ooh-oohs suck.

The School - Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything, Elefant

Perhaps just a tad inferior to their debut but still it's the School it’s The School! And it’s on Elefant! We love Elefant for the thoughtfulness and the loving back and the good music throughout the year.

Other killer records because it’s all about the girls

Mini Dresses –Hot Sun, ManicPop!
The Blanche Hudson Weekend –Just Like Susan George, Odd Box
Bart & Friends - There May Come A Time, Matinee
Las Robertas – Dissected Afair, Art Fag
Bam!Bam! – Let It Go, self-released
Thee Ahs - Thee AHs AHttack!, 7iete pulgadas
Aggi Doom – Bring Me The Head, Soft Power
The Delphines – God Help The Delphines, self-released
Terrible Truths – Lift Weights, Mexican Summer
La Luz – Damp Face, self-released
Tipsy Panthre - Tipsy Panthre, self-released
The Yearning - Jukebox Romance, Elefant
Knickers - My Baby's Just A Baby, Elefant
Souvenir Stand - Days I've Spent With You, self-released

With special thanks for …

the ooh-oohs, pa-pa-pas and the sha-la-las to:

Choo Choo Trains – The Choo Choo Trains, self-released

The Tuts – The Tuts, self-released

Burnt Palms - Burnt Palms, self-released


Dead Angle/Terry Malts split, Loglady

Tennis – Young And Old, Fat Possum

Neverever – Shake-A-Baby, Slumberland

for the tambourines/castanets/handclaps to:

The Hermit Crabs – Time Relentless, Matinee

The Primitives – Echoes & Rhyms, Elefant

Tender Trap – Ten Songs About Girls, Fortuna Pop!

Eux Autres – Sun Is Sunk, Bon Mots

Tacocat – Spring Break-up, self-released

For the trumpets to:

Maple Leaves – Robots, self-released
The Rosie Taylor Project – Twin Beds, Odd Box (oops, male vocals)

and also:

Terry Malts – Killing Time, Slumberland

Because it’s fucking Terry Malts and they rule and I picked up on them first!


Magic Bullets – Much Ado About, Mon Amie

Same as with Terry Malts, and hey, I know they’re going to be revived as soon as they get it out of their system with Terry Malts. And because Corey is my favourite guitarist and he’s following me on Twitter and is one of the kindest people I know!

Thank you for the sunshine:

Onward Chariots –This Is My Confession, self-released

The Very Most - Ununiversalizable Us, Little Treasure

The Occasinal Flickers – A Simple Song, Linger On

Moreover, I had trobadour crushes for:

Jim Ruiz Set - Mount Curve Avenue, self-released (and also, tha voice)

Jens Lekman – I Know What Love Isn’t, Secretly Canadian


Dylan Mondegreen – Dylan Mondegreen, Shelflife (cos he’s SO Paddy McAloon)

Dylan Mondegreen - It Takes Two from Dylan Mondegreen on Vimeo.

The Ocean BlueKorda Records compilation (David!!!)

Bart & Friends – It’s Not The Words That You Say, Shelflife (the best male female voice)

Because when I’m with you it’s always Summer

Baffin Island - Baffin Island, WeePop!

Seapony - Falling, Hardly Art

Top Sound/New Tigers Split, Soliti

Uh-oh, double entry

The Sunbathers – The Sunbathers, Dufflecoat
The Sunbathers – Hope, Dufflecoat

And another one, (don't you want to just hug them?)

Alpaca Sports – I Was Running, Luxury/Dufflecoat
Alpaca Sports – Just For Fun, Luxury/Dufflecoat

And another one,

September Girls – Wanting More, Matinee
September Girls – Green Eyed, Soft Power

20120708 - Indietracks 2012 - September Girls (2/2) - Wanting More from Eolrin on Vimeo.

There's more music from 2012 that you might have missed (but I didn’t) here:



toby said...

I just got the Sugar Stems album a few weeks ago and I think I love that Sugar Stems album more than their first one.

I was listing Liechtenstein's Fast Forward the other day and punched myself for not paying enough attention to it.

Totally missed the Kim Baxter album, so thanks for that!!

Songs for Girls said...

thanks for dropping by and commenting Toby!

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Are you okay dude? You do not updated for a long time

Love your blog!

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