Wednesday, 9 January 2013

When are you going to see, I carved your name in the cherry tree

This line, and the way Roxanne delivers it (coupled with the "ooh-home" at the end) entered my subconscious since the first few listens, and I don’t say that about many songs, three times in a decade maybe, or so. Now, even after a couple months after first hearing it, it’s worse actually. I can’t stop pressing "back" at 1.18 in this song.

This is one of the few cases that the hype is totally and absolutely justified. Even the slightest doubts I had about Veronica Fall’s second album being a belter have vanished. This album is actually better than the first, for me at least, as they’ve doffed the goth/dark tendencies, softened the edges just a tad and upped the Pop a notch.



Jeremy said...

I'm with you on the second record being better than the first, and for the same reasons. I know I'm not adding much to the discussion, other than to just agree with you, but oh well.

Colin said...

Even though I'm not a girl, I really want to wear that polka dot blouse Roxanne has on. Gorgeous!


Oh, I have yet to hear the new album but very much looking forward to it - I really enjoyed #1)